Compare clinics in Täby that carry out Corona tests

Find clinics in Täby where you can be tested for COVID-19 (PCR, antigen, and antibody) with a travel certificate. We list clinics and their prices so you can focus on getting the best price at a location near you.

Reseintyg365 Stockholm City Centralstation logo

Reseintyg365 Stockholm City Centralstation

Västra järnvägsgatan 19
Antigen SEK 280
Home visitTesting of large groups

Rapid antigen test or PCR test with an approved travel certificate in central Stockholm, visit us today to the right of Hotel Kungsbron beside Stockholm City Centralstation. Drop-in/Walk-in or book trough our website. We also have EXPRESS

Valid for cruises like the Royal Carribean.

We always guarantee pcr test results the same day at between 9:30pm-11pm, the certificate is in English and has a doctors signature and QR-code.

You get the results after an rapid Antigen test within 1 hour.

Reseintyg365 Stockholm Bromma logo

Reseintyg365 Stockholm Bromma

Drottningholmsvägen 340
Antigen SEK 280
Home visitTesting of large groups

Get your Covid PCR test travel certificate fast and cheap the same day at 9:30pm-11pm. Our PCR test is a throat swab only, rapid antigen test customers get the certificate 1 hour after the test.

All certificates are in English, EU-validated and signed by a medical doctor.

Our travel certificates have a QR-code to verify the authentity. We have high quality tests only and our rapid antigen test is also valid for the UK and other countries, reliable and fast.

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Frequently asked questions

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What clinics are you listing?
We list clinics in Täby that offer PCR, antigen, or antibody tests with a certificate that is valid for traveling. We strive for publishing as many clinics as possible, so you can do a fair comparison between their services and prices.
I don't know what type of test I need. Can you help me?
Test requirements change frequently and depend on departure, transit, and arriving countries, as well as your nationality and residency. We recommend that you check resources like the UNWTO/IATA Destination Tracker or IATA's COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map to know more about the current restrictions for your trip. It's your responsibility to confirm the type of test you need.
How can I find clinics near me?
You can find clinics close to your location by using our map view. Click on the button on the top right corner to share your current location and we will show the clinics closest to you.
How often do you update the information on this page?

Clinics and their prices are updated every few days. We use a combination of automatic checks and user feedback to detect changes on the clinics websites, and update PCR Priser accordingly.

If you own a clinic, reach out to us so you can claim your clinic on PCR Priser and make changes to the information whenever you want. PCR Priser is not responsible for eventual inaccurate data. The information shown might not be accurate by the time you access the clinic's website. Check always the clinic's website to confirm price and conditions.

How are the clinics sorted?
Clinics are regularly ordered by price, so you can find he clinics offering more affordable tests higher on the page. We also give clinics the opportunity to be promoted on PCR Priser, appearing earlier in the listing.
I have found an error on the page. How can I report it?
You can reach out to us through the contact form. Tell us what's wrong and we'll fix it shortly. Thanks in advance!
I own a clinic and would like to add it to the website. How can I proceed?
Publishing your clinic has no cost. You can read more about PCR Priser and how to get your clinic included on our "Add a Clinic" page.