Add a Clinic to PCR Priser

PCR Priser is the leading comparison site for clinics offering COVID tests.

PCR Priser lets you list your test centres and prices for PCR, antigen, and antibody tests.

Use PCR Priser to

  • drive highly relevant traffic to your test booking page for free
  • describe your services and update prices easily from an admin panel
  • reach users in their own language thanks to our localised website

How it works

  1. Create an account on PCR Priser ~1 minute
    Sign up to PCR Priser using email and password or your existing Gmail/Google Workspace account.
  2. Add your clinic details ~4 minutes
    Provide the name and location of your clinic, as well as the web address and prices for your tests.
  3. We review your submission
    We ensure the information provided is complete and correct.
  4. All done!
    Your clinic is published immediately on the website.

Why PCR Priser?

Looking for COVID tests is stressful. There are many test types, waiting times, prices, and clinics to consider.

PCR Priser aims to make this task easier by collecting the information in a unified site.

PCR Priser compares the offerings from 80+ companies and 200+ clinics in Sweden, Norway, UK, and Spain. More than 20k customers visit the page every month.

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