Upcoming changes to clinics published on PCR Priser


Starting on July 5th, only clinics with an active subscription will be published on PCR Priser. You can publish your clinic creating an account on the Admin Area.

What we have been doing

When we started the project in November 2020, there was not a single site listing available clinics, their locations, and prices for their PCR tests.

Customers needed to browse through many clinics to compare the different offerings, when tests would be available, and ensure they had enough time between the results of the tests and their trips departure.

The information from clinics was manually curated. We went through sites on a regular basis and updated information about locations, opening hours, services, and prices. Needless to say, this was a time consuming task, which we gladly did without charging any fee to clinics that wanted to get published on the site.

On a daily basis, more than 1 000 users visit the site and the clinics websites receive more than 1 000 visits.

42 500
Use PCR Priser every month
91 000
Pages viewed every month
33 000
Clicks to visit clinics' websites every month

Giving you the control

As a clinic or test centre owner, you now have the power to own your content on PCR Priser. Create a section for your clinic, input relevant information about your tests and prices, and start a subscription. With a monthly cost of 295 kr per clinic, we believe it is a fair price to get published on the most relevant site for COVID tests.

Publish my clinic or test centre